Monday, 21 December 2015

Get some Benefits by paying your mobile bill through online

Importance of mobile phones
Mobile phones have become the most important thing for each and every person. Nothing comes for free. For using the phones you need to give money in exchange of using its services. A person has two options; one can use the services and then pay for the services and other option is to pay for services in advance and then use them. There are different people and they use the type of service as per their requirement.Whether a person uses prepaid connection or postpaid connection it is always a good option to choose the online recharge or online bill payments option. There are some benefits if you chose to pay online.

1. No time restriction
If you chose to pay in the local stores, you need to go there as per the timings of the store. The online bill payment option can be chosen which allows you to pay according to your own timings. The online payment and recharge option is available for 24X7 which means that you can pay your bills at nights also. Thus the online option is a good one.

You can easily recharge with the blink of the eye using the Paytm free coupons code for mobile recharge.

2. No place restriction
Suppose that you are out of station and you need to make the payment of your mobile bill, then it is not possible to make the payment. If you already have the account created in online website, then the payment procedure becomes very easy. You just need to login to the website, enter the details and make the payment using the secure payment method. The payment would be done. The same can be sued for doing recharge. So you can pay the bill and recharge from any place.

3. Proof
It is possible in the cases when you have done payment in the store that the documents gets misplaced and you are not left with any proof that you have done the payment. This is the situations when the online payments can be helpful. It is advisable to make payments online so that you have the strong proof of your payment and no one can cheat you in future. 

Freecharge is the online recharge website which is developed to provide a hassle free environment to customers for bill payments and recharge. Mobile recharge offers is a good facility.

4. Saves manpower
There are many companies which use the customized postpaid plans. In such cases the bills are to be paid for number of users. In such cases a special person is needed for the bill payment and sending him to the store for payment. If you opt for the online billpayment then it saves the manpower as no special person is needed. The payment can be done easily in minimum time.       
5. Extra benefits
When the online payment option is selected many deals and offers are provided by the companies. Thecashback offers are also provided. So it is beneficial and thus the online bill payment and online recharge option should be selected.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Electricity bill Payment: Find out the best options to do it

Using online payment service
It is the modern time. Everyone has gone online and so everything has gone online. People are using the online services for purchasing products, sharing things, and making payments. The requirements of people of online services have brought many new things in the online payments. People now not only purchase online, but they also pay their mobile bills, data card bills and the electricity bills also online. This online payment is increasing its scope day by day. Earlier there was a single option through which the online payment could be done. But today is the time when there are various options through which the online payment can be done. The ways of using online payment service are listed below.
1. Net Banking
You need to have a card that is linked with your net banking. Then you need to login to the bank website and select the option of paying the electricity or mobile bill. Almost every bank provides this facility. You just need to have active net banking account and a card. After login you can easily pay your bill. It is a much secured way as you are using the services of bank for making the payment.
Freecharge is the online website which gives many offers for making the online payment of electricity bill such as Freecharge online pay Electricity bill offers visit
Mobile operators in India
2. Mobile App
Today is the time of mobile and the smartphones have developed many new services. Each and every provider has developed their own mobile app which can be sued to make the payments. Earlier it was the laptop which was needed for online payment. There are many services which allow you to pay your electricity bill just using the mobile app. The mobile app is developed for all types of phones.
3. Website
The most common way of paying electricity bill is through website. It is the most secured service that is used by all the service providers. You can have the mobile card or data card of any company to use website. The providers navigate you to the payment gateway of the bank for the payment purpose. Then it is the responsibility of bank to keep the payment and information secured. Your electricity can be paid using through website.
Paytm is the convenient way of making your payments easily and it provides different ways to make the payment. Yu can use the Paytm coupons for Airtel mobile recharge.

4. Cheque payment
For paying the electricity bill you can send a cheque. The cheque payment is also very easy method of paying the electricity and mobile bills. The cheque can be delivered personally or someone can be sent for giving the cheque to the operator.
5. Cards

There are various types of cards that are used for the payment of bills. You can make use of your debit card, credit card, ATM card or nay other cards. The service providers accept all kinds of cards.